Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Morning World!

I*ve been MIA for awhile & I*ve had time to recharge my batteries. I*m just now getting everything back together because i moved to Wakefield again. Justin & I havent been together since January & I*ve had a lot of time to myself. I*ve learned who i am & I*m so happy now. Justin & I have a mutual agreement that we are better as friends. I*m going to get my blog & everything up & running again. I*ll be doing some features next week too, I*ll also be making some new creations to post next week. I*ve gotta figure out what to do about my camera situation though. I need a new camera card i think, it maybe my laptop that cant find the cards. My laptop wont find my card or Justins card. I could use my cellphone but thats going to be terribile. If anyone knows some way i can tweak it please leave me a comment, it would be so helpful!

My cousin & her boyfriend went to the "Knights of Lights" in Rockingham this week & i told them I*d babysit Daisy & Nine {their doggies} Nine doesnt like anyone but she has warmed up to me the last few weeks, it was cool i let them out this morning & let Daisy in & Nine out for about an hour then went back at 8pm to let them out & feed them & the fish.

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MagicMarkingsArt said...

hello leslie, found your blog through flicker blogs. just wandering around to see what others are doing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie!

I'm so happy to see you are back! Hopefully things are better - it certainly sounds like you have a new outlook on life.

Much love!!