Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free time is exhausting

I have a ton of free time now that i have no extra money to spend on my crafty little hobby. I*ll be adding a bunch of new things after New Years though. I have to be restricted for the month because of the ticket i still have to pay. I*m the one who pays rent & Justin pays everything else, i have a slightly bigger half than he does though. I actually made dinner tonight! I*m embarrassed to say..tonight was the first night ive ever made chicken! I baked it, i*m finding since I*m not working as much and eating all the junk food i*m eating - it may start catching up soon.
Mom got me a MAC makeup kit forever ago & i have yet to break into it. I*m not really much for a lot of make up, i only wear mascara & eye liner. I was last night so i decided to visit youtube for a eye make up tut {sad - i know} & found a cool one. It*s the one for "smokey" eyes. I thought it looked good considering i had no make up brushes to use { i used them as paint brushes} I took a photo but it only shows it a little. As everyone can tell by now, I*m not the best photo takerer.

I was thinking about it today & i want to go to the gym. We have one in our apartment complex that is HUGE but my mom or Justin doesn't want me going by myself. {if anyone got me, they wouldn't keep me long, my brother says im aggravating. PFF!} There's a sub division in Wakefield that Justin & I lived in when we first moved in with each other that I*m thinking of treking. We know a lot of people from there & there are a lot of cars always crusing through, plus I*ll have my big stick. :O)

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3 people had something to say:

Bella said...

Hmmm, have I found a Paramore fan??
I think your eyes turned out great - I'm thinking I should have a look at that youtube video....I only ever wera mascara and eyeliner too, but it never turns out the way I want it to!

missknits said...

love the smokey eyes! i've never been able to achieve that effect! lol i'm not one for a lot of makeup though either!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I'm soon approaching the "no money to spend on my crafty little hobby" arena too. I'm working very slowly on the last few projects I've got lying around. SCARED to finish them! What do you do with all that time?!?