Monday, November 17, 2008

The New Astrology

When we were at Mike's house on Friday we got on the subject of Astrology, both Western & Chinese. The western doesn't really interest me because sometimes it is a little blah. So we started talking about Chinese astrology. I*ve been interested in it but i only knew i was a rat because i*m a Sagittarius. Mike ran upstairs & grabbed a book on both the astrology's & told me to take it home and read up if i was interested. I brought it with me when i went to get my tire changed & to moms. I got through the intro, what the signs mean. I was reading trough the Chinese astrology & found out what planets went with that, what the weakness & strengths are, who is compatible with who, about family members & a lot of things it is very interesting. The lady who wrote the book also wrote "Chinese Astrology" wrote this one called "The New Astrology". Her name is Suzanne White. She was living in Paris but came back to the US & moved to the Hamptons. If anyone is interested in astrology i would recommend this book, its so full of knowledge to help understand whats going on. It will also help you better understand yourself & how you interact with people on an every day basis. I*m beginning to decode my family :P

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