Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Weather*s Been Better..

Justin is at work until 10pm so he wont be home until 11pm. I*m taking today to redo some stuff & advertise different places. I*m trying to figure out how to use them with maximum exposure. Hopefully by this time next week I*ll be taking it off line. I have yet to take my advertising off line. For the past few months i havent had a car & was to scared to do so when i first started. I think now that I*ve got my foot in the door I*ll be ok, hopefully. I*m still trying to figure out how to get UniqueCharm.net out there. I*m trying to do a simple layout lol but i cant not do it! I guess it shows my personality. I want something simple & work really hard for it but it just comes out colorful & flashy. See!! Any thoughts? I*m oober excited to be screen printing! Although it takes awhile i*m having fun with it.I*m concocting a plan! I know theres not a lot of items in my shop & i cant help that as of right now. I*m hoping next week I*ll be able to add a few more items. With me not working & Justin having to pay for EVERYTHING it*s really wearing us thin money wise. I*ll be adding PIF*s & what not soon. Please help keep me motivated?

Please take a second to take the poll to your right. I*m trying to figure out where my traffic is coming from so I*ll know where to improve! Thanks you guys! :)

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Lain said...

I think the site is off to a very cute and good start! I also have a problem with not having alot in my store. I am going to try and at least get 3 more things out tonight. good luck with getting in some offline advertising I am trying to do the same, maybe get some business cards made and a thing for the back of my car possibly.