Thursday, March 6, 2008

I*ll Stay Right here..

I*m watching TLC & it*s about Cataplexie. The body parallelizes & can*t move but you can hear & feel everything. Theres 3 people they*re doing the bio on & they said it lasts from a few minutes, to hours to days. This one lady was laughing & it triggered her cataplexie & she passed out. She was sent to the morgue, 3 times!!! The last time she waited 3 days for someone to come open the door so she could get out.

Jen went to the doctor today & shes got 4 weeks left then little katie is going to be here! I*m excited I*ll have a new play toy! Her 2nd baby shower is Saturday. Justin*s off Saturday but he*s off tomorrow too. The baby gave her diabetes though.

I found a few great songs today. One*s called "Belong" by Cold, the other is "Comfortable" by John Mayor. That songs reminds me of Me & Justin. I actually caught myself smiling & realized how much he means to me. Even though in the song they had broken up. ""our love was comfortable & so broken in". "she thinks i cant see through the smile shes faking & poses for pictures that arn*t being taken, grey sweat pants & no make up"

I*m going to start doing yoga again tomorrow, I*m excited. I*d been thinking about it for a few days. I feel like crap & it will be good for me. OHHH!!! I*m 1 sale away from my goal of this week, anyone wanna help me hit it? If so you can get 15% off your order. Just put "Blog15%" in the message to me when you pay. I*ll send ya the 15% back to your paypal.

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Paper Girl Productions said...

I so wanna try yoga!

Tizzalicious said...

Oooh yoga! I really want to try it too! I do Pilates, and love that, so Yoga would be perfect when I'm not feeling too great!