Monday, February 11, 2008

Christmas in Feb

Since everyone was sick at Christmas on my mom's side we decided to have Christmas today. We all had fun the entire family showed up. We were supposed to be there at 1:30, i got to my brother's house & woke him up at 1:30! He took a shower & we were downstairs getting stuff together & his roomate / best friend Hunter was like "are you going to see your family?!" So he joined us. We all had a blast. My little cousin got a Rubix revolution cube [[ electronic rubix cube ]] & they played with it for like 10 minutes then they broke it. They ended up fixing & breaking it again. It*s cool me & justin have one. It*s fast & has a few different games. Instead of turning its's got shiny stickers & a hole in the middle of each color so you can press the button for that light.

I*m laying around with nothing to do & i found a theme creator for the phones Justin & I got. Although it*s a nifty idea it wont hold colors that arn*t in the phones system. It Sucks but there are ways around it. I made a few images & set them as pictures to my wallpaper & picked a theme that i made to match the picture i added. So that*ll work for now. It*s sad i have a graphic design & web design degree and they're being waisted. Maybe it*s just m
e but after ya spend the time to go to school for it, since ya do it so much lol ya just wanna get away from it when it*s done! So far these are the two i have.

This one isn*t fuzzy looking on my phone though.

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