Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to school with you?

I didn*t have to work today so i went to mom & dads about 12. I got there and me & my dad watched "Happy Feet". Mom was at a doctor's appointment & got home right before the movie ended. She's got a sinus infection. I can*t wait until Thursday!!! I can go back to work. hehe I never thought I*d say that. Justin's proud of me I*m proud of me, considering i HATE working! We*re supposed to get our snowboarding stuff & i want this board. I think it*s cute! We will be ordering all of our stuff on Friday night when i get paid. We're also paying rent, our cable & light bill on Friday. GrrRRrRr..Bills suck!! Justin said he thought he was going back to school, I*ve actually thought about it myself. Siting at home with nothing to do is no fun. I miss school, i think i may do my sugar classes. I*m also thinking about doing a few more. I love my cake decorating. I*m helping a girl with a baby shower cake & forgot how much i missed it & how much you can do with it.

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