Monday, September 13, 2010

What a Monday..

I had the day off today (all week actually, i know right!? I'm so excited!) so i went to lunch with my brother. We went to Dominic's NY Pizzeria. SOOOOOO delicious! Best place on the strip i'd say.

We had pizza (yes that's 2 slices for us both), for a small girl i know how to eat ;P

We fed the fish our crust, i'm not sure what kind of fish they were but they were HUGE. Those some little tiny guys in there too. I hope the big ones dont eat them!

I picked him up from work at 5 & we went to Crabtree Valley mall to do some Christmas shopping (yes i said Christmas. Hey, it's right around the corner). We went into a few stores to get some idea's. I use to work at Bath & Body Works up until a month ago & i knew they were getting the new fall scents soon. We strolled by BBW & thats ALL i could smell. So i picked up a few more wallflower wall burners & 2 of the new wallflower bulb scents. I got Spiced Cider & Autum Apple. I plugged the Spiced Cider in when i got home & it smells so good! I love it! Also, if you guys love BBW too...They are 2 for $6
  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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3 people had something to say:

Michelle said...

You are so smart to shop for Christmas early. I always try to, but haven't yet. I think you've inspired me this year though :)

Kimberly said...

Pizza is my favorite!

alf said...

i got an email from bbw for wallflowers at $6 each. i thought that is already a steal but if you got for 2 for $6 that's a lot lot better. like the autumn apple smell.