Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beautiful New Bracelet For Grabs!

I added a new bracelet. It*s so beautiful! This is the charm i got from a funky new shop i found at the mall yesterday. The place is called Francesca's Collections. In the shop I*ve noticed they have charms, wall art, a load of clothes & shoes. They don't have the charms & wall art on the website but if there is a store near you, you should go! The bracelet is beautiful.

UniqueCharm.etsy.com / UniqueCharm.net

It has been really windy & cold since last night. I*m so excited that winter was coming / here. We ate dinner at Justin's parents Sunday night with Justin's grandparents. Justin's mom's birthday is Wednesday so we are all going out to eat since his grandparents are in town. Thursday is his granddad's birthday, so we are going out to eat Thursday night too.

I*ve also joined twitter!! Anyone care to join me?

5 people had something to say:

Estela said...

cute bracelet!

Anonymous said...

Very nice bracelet and a beautiful blog!

La Alicia said...

beautiful bracelet!

Mohamed Suhail said...

cool blog ... i already linked u in my blog ...hope u link my blog too ..and leave a message in my blog if u do so ..thanks ..

penguinsplunder said...

great work. They're so pretty.