Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Bracelets!

I*ve re listed 2 bracelets. They are so cute the bracelets are for the foodies & cupcake lovers. The bracelets are silver & measure 7" /17cm. The truffle & cupcake charms are made of polymer clay. They are very durable & are set with silver headpins. I have 2 of each bracelets. You can get these bracelets at or If you do not have an etsy account you can easly go to & simply pay with paypal or RME. (revolution money exchange) The pieces that are in stock will have these 2 options below the listing. I also take personal check or money order's, I*ve had questions about that & yes all you have to do is contact me at & I*ll get you taken care of. Keep a look out for new items being added next week.

You can click on the link suitable for you.

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6 people had something to say:

Estela said...

yummy bracelets!!

Melissa said...

These are absolutely adorable. I have added your shop to my favorites, so I remember where I saw them.

Susan Schrock said...

That truffle bracelet looks delicious! Great colors.

TNT2008 said...

YUUMMMMMM. These bracelets are the cutest! I think it is time to eat:)

Pretty Fun said...

brandysnorhal's pictures are so pretty.

Liz said...

those bracelets look delicious! Now I'm going to have to go find some frosting and have a spoonful!