Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Singin' In The Rain

I worked with mom today, & while i was out running her errons i ran into DEbbi & the new baby. She*s so adorable & tiny! Her name is Adein. My mom made me work my butt off. Thats ok though, i had a mountain dew to keep me going. When i arrived home i found Justin & Brett still here. Justin*s throat hurts & i think hes getting the flu because he*s been complaining all day about whats wrong with him. We went to the grocery store & i started feeling bad a little while after being home taking care of him. We didn*t get a lot i didnt feel like walking through the entire grocery store. I*m trying to eat healthy & he*s grabbing honey roasted peanuts [[ because hes the devil! ]] & I*m getting special K bars. Which aren*t really that bad. I got apple juice & mountain dews. hehe i CAN NOT drink water. Dunno what it is its tasteless & i dont like it. I use the lemaide packs from Crystal Light every now & then.

Roo has been out for almost 4 hours now, since hes been out for longer periods of time I*ve noticed his hair is growing back. So run roo run. :D I got a few new pictures of him, but they look a little like the others so I*ll wait to post them until i get better ones.

I tried to make some new things tonight because i was feeling a little crafty, but since we have tornado warings & It*s raining really hard thats a negative. So I*ll have to lock that away for tomorrow. I had really good idea*s too! i was all excited & for once, the weather man was right! *golf clap*

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Blaze said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! You are too kind! :) I'm glad you got to stop by my blog! Please come back tomorrow, for I have an idea that includes my readers!! :) I can't wait!